Ducks to BCS National Title

Yes, that’s right, the University of Oregon Ducks will be playing for their first ever national title January 10th in Glendale, AZ against #1 Auburn. It should be a very exciting game to watch. Two of the country’s most explosive offenses and the two favorites for the Heisman Trophy going head to head. SEC vs. Pac-10. It’s the west coast’s turn to show the country how we play football over here. FAST. The Ducks have the #1 scoring offense in the nation and almost scored a point a minute behind running back LaMichael James and quarterback Darron Thomas, both of whom are only sophmores.

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iPhone apps, Mini Lesson #1

For my first mini-lesson in this course, I found an article about which categories of apps are used the most. Games topped the list and it kind of caught me by surprise because although I have 6 game apps on my iPhone, I maybe click that section once a week. Social networking apps such as facebook and twitter I think will soon take over as number 1 over gaming apps because of the rapid growth of both sites.

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Media Diary

I remember tallying all of the media I used in a weeks span. I was not surprised at how many hours I use media daily. I have an iPhone and am constantly doing something on it: checking facebook, checking e-mails, reading sports news, or playing games. I was a little bit surprised at how little I watched tv. I thought that I watched a lot more than I really do, which is not a bad thing. The internet takes up a lot of my time too. Whether it be just being bored sitting on facebook, or on reading about my favorite sports teams, I definitely use the internet A LOT.

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Procrastination is a killer

This week is the week before finals, and because I poorly handled my time this semester, this week will be very infinitely more stressful and crammed than next week. In my media class and my principals of coaching and teaching class, I have to compile a journal or a portfolio and put finishing them both off until the very end. While I didn’t stress or cram myself previously in the semester, I have now put myself in a position where I have a ton of work to do in a little amount of time. I have always been bad at putting things off until the last minute, but this time, it really is going to suck. To anybody who reads this, take my advice and do not procrastinate. Get things done ahead of time so you don’t have to stress about it at the last minute like I am.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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